Money Is Raised By VOA Car Auctions

Volunteers of America is a non-profit organization that raises money through a variety of activities such as car auctions. The proceeds from these auctions go to the charity and helps disadvantaged people get the assistance they need. These services include helping people find jobs, educating single parents and helping young people overcome their unique challenges. The cars are donated and sold to the highest bidder. These auctions are a popular way to get a good deal on a used car. Charity organizations help people who otherwise have no one else to help them. Non-profit organizations are run solely by the contributions they receive.

Volunteers of American are based out of Pontiac, Michigan and hold their car auctions several times a year. The bidding starts at just 350 and draws a large audience. You must register to bid and be prepared to leave a 200 deposit if you win the auction. The remaining balance must be paid in full before you can pick up your vehicle. Many people are shocked to see the final prices recognized at these auctions. Since the vehicles are donated, this allows buyers to receive the best value possible. Auctions are held on Saturday but you can preview them on Friday.
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Which Is More Effective United Way Or Goodwill?

United Way and Goodwill are both two of the largest charities in the U.S. Whatever measure you use to rank their efficiency, the United Way comes out on top.

If you determine effectiveness by who brings in the most money, then the winner is United Way. In Forbes magazine's annual ranking of the biggest charities, United Way ranked number one in 2012 with 3.9 billion raised. On the other hand, Goodwill Industries came in 10th, with only 780 million.

Forbes also ranks how efficient each charity is using a formula that takes into account charitable commitment, fundraising efficiency and donor dependency. Using that ranking, the magazine determined that United Way is one of the five most-efficient charities among the largest charities in the country. Goodwill did not make the list.

Though United Way wins on a national scale, in certain markets, Goodwill may be more efficient. The local office of each charity may publish statistics on how efficient it is with donor money.
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Is The Offering Plate Full Enough? Economic Crisis in America

If you have ever been in need of food or financial assistance from a community organization, then you know that money is tight. Some organizations have very little money to help the people who are in need. Food pantries have bare to empty shelves, and more people are dealing with losing electricity and their homes because there is no money. Many people want to know why there is a crisis with the people who are supposed to help in a crisis. The answer is simple. The number of jobs in America has declined, and the jobs that people still have are decreasing the hours so that benefits do not have to be paid. As people lose their jobs, they do not have the money to donate to charities. They find themselves relying on the same charities they helped support. This causes a strain on everyone, and unless the country gets back on its feet soon, this will only get worse.
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Catholic Charities And The Food They Provide

Charities have been around for several decades. They provide services and support to communities and households that do not have the resources to make it on their own. The charities are usually non-profit organizations that depend on their funding from private donations. It is not hard to receive donations, since so many individuals are looking for a way to help out others in their communities. The charity type can vary, depending on the group that it was founded by. Many of the charities available today are based with some sort of religious affiliation. The most known religious charity today is that of the Catholic Church.

Catholic charities have been working hard to gather food items that they can pass on to local individuals who need help. The Catholic charities work out of many different locations. Most of them, though, can be found within their church congregation. The food they look to collect is preferred to be non-perishable, therefore it can be held for a long time before going bad. They look to give out the items to any and all families that can show that they truly need the help. Without these charities, many families would not know where their next meal is coming from.

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Methodist Charities And The Shelters They Operate

The Methodist Church was founded in 1968 when Bishops Reuben Mueller and Lloyd Wicke decided to combine their denominations. The traditions of the new United Methodist Church are rooted in the Protestant Reformation and Wesleyanism. Members are sent into the community to support and serve the needy. The mission of the congregation is to reach out to others. The Methodist church operates several charities and shelters. People who are living in desperate circumstances can rely on the church for food, shelter and fellowship.

Battered Women's shelter- The Methodist Church supports abused women by providing a respite.Check out this link here. They can stay in a safe place, receive meals and talk to a counselor.

Homeless shelter- They run a refuge for homeless men. The facility is safe and comfortable. The soup kitchen provides hearty meals. Staff members make sure that each guest receives clean clothing.

Charities- the Methodist church raises money to donate to worthy causes. Some of the beneficiaries include youth mission projects, food pantries, overseas relief projects and early childhood education programs.

Methodism is a Protestant Christianity movement. The Methodist church responds to social injustices by doing charitable work. Members work to feed the hungry, provide shelter to the indigent and spread the word of God.
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Working But Still Broke–The Problems Of Underemployment

People go to work every day so that they can keep money in the bank and in their wallets. However, studies have shown that the vast majority of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Many people are able to pay their bills, but do not have anything left in their check after the bills have been paid. The reason that so many hard working people are struggling is because they simply are underemployed.

Underemployment can be defined in one of two ways. It can be defined as working part-time when one really needs a full-time income.Confused? < a href=''>Here 's a little help . A person who needs to work 40 hours a week, but only works 20 is an example of someone who is underemployed. Someone who is not making full use of their skills on their job is also underemployed. A student who graduated with a degree in engineering, but works full-time as a waitress is also an example of someone who is underemployed.

Being underemployed is certainly better than being unemployed. However, people have the right to work full-time and make full use of their skills. The United States government is partially to blame for the underemployment problem. They can remedy this problem by keeping jobs in America instead of shipping them overseas.
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Back-To-School Issues: Over One Million American School Aged Homeless

Many American children will be heading back to school during the next month. And while many will spend the last month of summer shopping for back to school clothing and school supplies, there are a great number of students in America who face a different challenge.

There are currently over one million American children who are homeless. These children spend most of their time over tired and worrying about where their next meal will come from. These students need to be in school. They need not only the support but the school lunches and the break from their reality.

With such a large homeless population, more and more organizations are creating programs to help these students get the help they need to not only enroll in school but stay in school. Being homeless makes school even more challenging. This is why there are groups that can help students get the school supplies and clothing items they need for success. They can even sometimes help their family find a permanent residence and work, depending on the situation.

The organizations that are out there are designed to help homeless students in any way they can. Reach out if you know someone in need of help. And if you don't need help, volunteer your time, resources, or money. We should all help each child to obtain the education they deserve.
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Why Homelessness Costs More Than You’d Think

We all know that homelessness has a human cost. We see the faces behind the signs offering work for food, or the hunched figure pushing a cart down the side of the road. Maybe we wonder about their families, or how they came to be in their situation. In the face of the human cost, to talk about the dollar cost seems almost vulgar. However, a dollar spent here is a dollar not spent somewhere else. There are so many needs and only so many dollars. The toll on humanitarian organizations is staggering. Many homeless people are dually diagnosed with mental illness and drug addiction. This leads to an overall degredation of their health. With health care costs on the rise, just keeping people employable is a herculean budgetary challenge. Once the adults are physically and mentally capable of holding down a job,, training and child care becomes a necessity for many. Follow this with subsidized housing and food. The ones that are incapable of self-sufficiency require on-going funding. We begin to see that the only true solution to the financial impact of homelessness is prevention. Drug treatment programs, job training, and affordable mental health care can begin the process.
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